Mara Hoover

Meet Mara!

Mara Hoover is on a mission to empower women to take control of their finances today. Through her workshops, seminars, events and books she urges women to gain financial literacy, confront their fears, eliminate guilt, and move forward with a plan that works. Really!

Since the age of 5, Mara has been balancing a checkbook, calculating compound interest, and investing in her future. Not surprisingly, she had saved over $80,000 by the time she was 23. Of course, when the 2008 recession demolished the economy, she lost both her savings and her pride.

She then embarked on an entrepreneurial journey working exclusively with female clients. Resonating with the message and the methods of Five Rings Financial, Mara joined the team and in 2 short years, she jumped to become the youngest ever Executive Vice President; she grew her business based upon rewriting the “money soundtrack” playing in women’s minds.

While getting her degree at Pepperdine University, Mara spent a year in Buenos Aires where this “gringa” mastered Spanish in “rapida” fashion. The culture opened her eyes and her ears to how international women speak and think about money. Combining this experience with the conversations from monthly Wine, Women & Wealth events, she wrote the book Throw the Fear Overboard!

Inspired by her mother’s personal journey of self-discovery as well as heartfelt conversations with clients, Mara founded FemmePowerU. Which offers events specifically designed to empower women to find fulfillment and financial freedom on their terms.

Having discovered the “secret” of success for her 6-year marriage, Mara wrote the comical book My Grumpy Husband. As an advocate of goal setting in all walks of life Mara has been to 5 of the 7 continents including Antarctica, with plans to see all 7.

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